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Black female daycare worker charged in connection with raping 5-year-old girl

Christina Regusters, 19, dressed in a veil (a traditional hijab worn by Muslim women), posed as Na’illa Robinson’s mother, went directly to the 5-year-old’s classroom at Bryant Elementary School and abducted the innocent child. Regusters walked little Na’illa to a nearby home in west Philadelphia, blindfolded and dressed her in an oversized black T-shirt and told her to hide underneath the bed. If she disobeyed, the “talking bird” would “peck her eyes out.”

The little girl was found 18 hours later in 37-degree temps, half-naked on a playground about a mile from the school. She was shivering and screaming when a passerby found her the morning after her abduction on January 14.

Regusters, who works at the after school program little Na’illa attends, told little Na’illa her name is Tiffany. She has been charged with kidnapping, rape, conspiracy, aggravated assault and several related offenses according to Special Victims Unit captain John Darby.

The family’s attorney Tom Kline said little Na’illa suffered “terrible, horrible injuries” and that the family was “grateful” for the arrest, but knows it isn’t the end of the line. More arrests will be made.