Drake wasn’t allowed into Chris Brown’s party

Drake wasn't allowed into Chris Brown's party

Time doesn’t heal all wounds, especially when Chris Brown‘s involved.

There are claims that hip-hop superstar Drake was recently turned away from a party in Hollywood because R&B bad boy Chris Brown was already inside, living it up. TMZ reports that Drizzy showed up at the Playhouse expecting to have a grand ol’ time, when security guards informed him that he would have to take his entourage elsewhere, due to Breezy celebrating the anniversary of the clothing line Popular Demand.

Of course, Brown and Drake got into a champagne bottle-throwing melee last summer at WiP in New York City. Though never confirmed, it was rumored that the brawl had something to do with both men having histories with pop superstar Rihanna. Rihanna and Brown have subsequently rekindled their troubled relationship. Additionally, Brown and Drake filed lawsuits against each other last week, stemming from the 2012 altercation.

Keeping up with all of this? Good.

So all of these factors may have contributed to the bouncers deciding that Drake shouldn’t be anywhere near a club that also featured Chris Brown and, most likely, bottles of champagne and a possible Rihanna appearance.

It should be noted that, upon being denied entry, Drake did not make a scene. The Young Money rapper apparently simply turned and left the venue.

–stereo williams

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