50 Cent says he’s behind ‘Starter Wives’ cancellation, cast responds

50 Cent says he's behind 'Starter Wives' cancellation, cast responds

50 Cent says he got ‘Starter Wives’ canceled

Now that TLC has pulled the plug on “Starter Wives Confidential,” 50 Cent is taking credit for its demise. The rapper’s ex, Shaniqua Thompkins, was slated to star on the program. He boasted on Twitter about his role in the show’s cancellation.

“I want to apologize to the cast of ‘Starter Wives’ for having you pulled off [the] air,” wrote 50. “I sincerely hope you find work.”

Prior to allegedly stopping the show, 50 threatened his ex with legal action and forced her to stop taping.

50 Cent says he's behind 'Starter Wives' cancellation, cast responds

Unfortunately for 50, however, while he can stop Thompkins from being on camera, he can’t stop her from speaking out via social media. Obviously upset by his boasting, the mother of his only child is firing back on Twitter. “Wrong channel, wrong demographics! That’s it!” said Thompkins. “You are not God, your day is coming!”

Similarly Floyd Mayweather’s ex Josie Harris has spoken out, who personally knows Cent due to his friendship with the boxer, also had words for the rapper. “We are working babe just have some respect! Fam first!” she wrote.

Check out more of the back and forth concerning “Starter Wives” sudden cancellation below. –danielle canada

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