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Oprah teams up with Tyler Perry for new OWN series

High off  her interview last week with superstar Beyonce Knowles, Oprah Winfrey is determined to keep the momentum rolling. Earlier this week, the talk show maven released a teaser in what may be a collaboration with actor and producer Tyler Perry.

According to the short clip, Oprah is going to release two new Tyler Perry series. Both of which are currently filming in Atlanta. The shows will air on May 28 and 29, 2013.

Will you be watching? –ruthie hawkins

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  1. nubianmind on February 20, 2013 at 2:02 pm

    Only N Amerikkka

    In the land of fried chicken pulp
    and forty ounces of a big gulp
    commuter junkies on the subway floor
    texting and chatting it’s hard to ignore

    with class divisions and social inequality
    should they call this a democracy?
    changing the rules THEY make to uphold
    serve THEIR own interest and hollow goals

    watch what you say think before you speak
    or the next thing you know, you’ve been hoodwinked
    what do ya mean when you say he’s uppity?
    it just shows your cultural stupidity

    in desperate need of redemption and abolition
    when will it cease from relations of exploitation?
    our people suffer everyday from lack and oppression
    while Amerikkka continues it’s world domination

    people of color could not have known
    when they signed their name to that sub-prime loan
    now they are victioms of predatory lenders
    more or less the first offenders

    where you have racial and ethnic disparities
    there you’ll find all the irregularities
    statistical proof of racial discrimination
    it began in the days of the slave plantation

    they create institutions for high incarcerations
    take our children from schools equaling low graduations
    while we seek opportunity in our community
    the kaos continues with our lack of unity

    feelings of deep despair running through the air
    homeless dying in the streets does anyone care?
    the plague of violence in our neighborhoods
    candles burn on the corner where that child once stood

    the systemactic factors of don’t ask don’t tell
    some say that’s a hard sell
    while the big disease with the little name
    wreak havoc, misery, suffering and pain