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What’s with battle with obesity in the African American community?

It only takes a brief look around any city to come across folks who are far from being in the best of health. But, do we ever really stop to question why so many of our brothers and sisters are suffering with morbid obesity? And beyond that, why being overweight is now the norm among our people. So many of us are living in  the prisons of our own bodies, reflecting and reminiscing on the nice tight physics that we used to have.

To understand where we are with the state of obesity in our community and the country at large, we have to take a hard look at where the weight comes from. A number of factors have contributed to our expanding waistlines, chief among them is simply our way of life. We eat tons of fast food, spend hours upon hours sitting in front of computers, tablets, etc., we snack like it’s a religious experience that absolutely has to take place between every meal, and we consider the trip from our car to our door a good day’s workout. Any wonder why we’re at risk?

Prevention of obesity can be a simple matter — if you’re willing to put the work in.  The work mostly involves exercising your willpower, but a little real exercise wouldn’t hurt either. A few big things to keep in mind: it’s your body, and just like your car — if you mistreat it, it will act up on you. If you want to avoid the huge risks of heart disease, diabetes and a slew of other ailments that come from being overweight, you’ll take this to heart.

Put down the fast food, yes, I know you just gotta have that Whopper every once in a while — that’s cool, but don’t let once in a while become a daily habit. Just pay attention to what you put in your temple — you only get one. Next, eat a few green veggies and a little fruit on the regular (they’ll make you regular). Next on the list, take a hike.  Walk to the corner store, instead of driving … yeah, I know it’s unheard of, but a daily walk will make you feel so much better. Think of it this way… just these few things could literally add years to your life — don’t you want to be around to watch those grandbabies grow up? –mark anderson

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