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The Chevy Malibu is alive and well in GM town

For years, the Chevy Malibu has been on the “what’s hot” list in my neck of the woods. When you get the fellas together and you wanna catch a few eyes, it provides the perfect draw. Make mine black with blacked-out rims and a grill, and midnight tints on the windows (of course). Yeah it may look like the “po-po,” but I guarantee you it will get plenty of attention (and not just from the folks with a few forgotten parking tickets in their glove boxes). The Malibu has been restyled several times, and it manages to look better every go around.

While the Malibu looks lovely straight of the floor, my dream Malibu has some ground effects and tight rima. Add a little turbo charge  in there too, because it’s absolutely got to sound as monstrous as it looks. I want it to look like it’s about to eat the car in front of it – just because it wants a snack!

But that’s my dream; everybody can easily chase their own dream Malibu – with just a little vision and creativity. Right about now, you might even be able to get a chopped down price, because GM apparently has a backlog of these bad boys already built. But, their lagging sales is your gain – if you know how to get in there and haggle with the best of em’.

If you need a little inspiration on what you can do with a Malibu, just check out the one they had at the SEMA show; it’s a turbo performance concept version that is ready to tear up the block. –mark anderson