Selena Gomez cheated on Justin Bieber with … Gucci Mane?!?

Selena Gomez cheated on Justin Bieber with ... Gucci Mane?!?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber‘s breakup rocked the Teen-Nick set like nothing since …

Since the cutesy couple parted ways back in December, there have been all kinds of weird rumors as to why it happened. Because, of course, pretty people don’t just break up — especially not if they’re famous. No, there has to be some scandalous reason why two people barely out of high school would want to date other people.

Pardon the sarcasm. But I digress …

There have reports of Justin hooking up with a model named Milyn Jensen, and other reports of pop superstar Rihanna being somehow involved in this (she has to be mentioned in every scandal— be on the lookout for Rih-Rih as a star witness in the Oscar Pistorius case); but the latest bit of gossip is — well … let’s just say it’s unexpected.

There are rumors that Selena Gomez hooked up with none other than Gucci Mane while the two were shooting the cinematic masterpiece Spring Breakers last year.

Yes — that Gucci Mane.

HollywoodLife reports that the former teen queen and the ice-cream-faced rapper spent a lot of time getting close in her trailer while filming. “We thought it was [odd] that she was in there with [Gucci]. One time [producers] sent security to make sure she was OK,” says a supposed insider. “It almost became a joke, [another employee] said [to Gucci] ‘Watch out or I’m telling Justin [Bieber].’ [Gucci] was like ‘F–k that lil n—a.”

Hmmm … that does sound like Gucci. Can’t argue that.

But, hey — stranger things have happened. (Not really, but it’s something people like to say in these situations.)

Sometimes there are hook-ups that just have people shocked and befuddled … this is one of those times.

–stereo williams

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