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‘The Onion’ apologizes to Quvenzhane Wallis: #UnfollowTheOnion responses on Twitter

The Onion thrives off of satire and political humor. But they took things a bit too far when a writer from the organization called Oscar nominee Quvenzhane Wallis a c— in a tweet during the Oscars. The company faced heavy backlash on social media and the tweet was deleted an hour later.

The Onion‘s CEO, Steve Hannah, attempted to right the wrong by apologizing on Facebook. “It was crude and offensive — not to mention inconsistent with The Onion’s commitment to parody and satire, however biting. No person should be subjected to such a senseless, humorless comment masquerading as satire,” he wrote.

The apology has yet to undue the damage. Outraged Twitter users have come up with the hashtag, #UnfollowTheOnion.

Here is what they posted about the incident.

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1 Comment

  1. THE GENUINE ARTICLE.... on February 26, 2013 at 7:25 am

    The Stench Of The Onion!!!!!

    More Than A Tasteless Joke, The Attack On Quvenzhane Wallis Proves That Our Problems In America Are Bone Deep.

    The Onion, those masters of satire, often strike at big targets like the President, Congress and the rich and famous. But what made them sink so low as to call a 9 year old girl a cunt. Well, I’ll tell you and you can disagree and call me names if you like, I don’t care.

    They did it because she is black.

    Never in the history of the Oscars, has a black actress so young been nominated for the highest honor in acting land. And never has anyone dared to call a child this or any other vile name. Until now.

    Why not Tatum O’Neal, Ellen Page, Abagail Breslin, Linda Blair, Quinn Cummings, Mary Badham, Patty Duke, Jodie Foster, or the many others?

    Since Obama was elected President, there is this belief that people can now throw away their political correctness and white guilt and just treat us like everyone else. Because you know, a black President makes up for all that that other shit. That’s fine, but everyone else was not called a cunt, were they?

    I submit to you that it is not some sense of social equality at work but a subversion of the very notion it purports to defy, that this fake colorblindness is the new racism. Now people can say what they really feel about the races, they can air their unbridled contempt and filthy bigotry about how their fellow Americans of African descent deserve nothing but that unbridled contempt.

    And these few individuals bring holy hell down on all white people because so many of us are quick to indict everyone when one asshole goes off. Stupid shit like this only confirms in the minds of black people that all white people have unstated contempt for them for no other reason than the color of their skin. We know this is not true, but we do not live in a nation where our media will report the many acts of kindness and civility between the races. All we see is the dirt.

    Do we really have so little regard for one another, that we can’t even feel protective of an innocent little girl? How would you like to be the one to have to tell her what that word means and why she was called it?

    I know this seems like a big reaction, I know it was “just a joke.” I was so upset that I said fuck the Onion in every human language. But it’s the small things, that determine the path of a society and the way we treat the most vulnerable dictates who we are. Today, we have all fallen down.

    And the thing that kills me is The Onion had a right to say it. This is after all, America. But we have a right to turn our backs on them. But I know that we won’t. This will blow over by the end of the week and we will be nose-deep up some Kardashian’s ass by Monday.

    And for all the people who defend The Onion, that’s your right, but you only feel that way because your daughter is a cunt.

    See how funny that is?