Joe Budden hurt by Tahiry’s refusal to marry him

Joe Budden hurt by Tahiry's refusal to marry him

It’s obvious that Joe Budden and Tahiry’s rocky relationship could only have been spawned by a painful breakup. Through this season of “Love & Hip Hop,” the two have flip-flopped over and over  between being best buds and bitter exes. And though Tahiry has explained on numerous occasions why she was so hurt by Joey, the rapper himself is now revealing how Tahiry broke his heart.

While sitting down with part of the show’s cast for an interview with MTV News, Joey explained that, despite their tumultuous relationship, he deeply cares for and respects Tahiry.

“I think I’m very forthcoming with Tahiry. I think I’m totally honest in my intentions and my feelings. I have absolutely no ill will, no malicious intent,” said Joey. “She’s somebody I care about deeply … and somebody that I love. If we can just work the kinks out of the relationship, I think it would do us both some justice.”

But once Joey was done sharing his praise for Tahiry, he revealed that his negative behavior toward her began when she refused to marry him after he proposed.

“We were laying in bed, I forgot what year it was. But I told her let’s wake up and go get married the next day. She flaked on me and I was probably so hurt from that day forward,” said Joey.

However, Tahiry countered that Joe didn’t take the proposal seriously and hastily planned the wedding day on a Sunday, which is a day when most wedding registrar’s offices would be closed.

“I guess I have some issues I have within that I have to work on,” says Joe in hindsight.

Well, luckily for Joe his confession wasn’t offensive and Tahiry didn’t punch him as she warned before. Hopefully, these two can one day look back on their past mistakes and laugh instead of attack each other.

But they’re not the only couple who never got married. Check out some other couples who never made it down the aisle below. –nicholas robinson


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