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Culture » Joe Budden, Tahiry and Olivia bring back ‘Harlem Nights’ in new cover shoot with ‘XXL’

Joe Budden, Tahiry and Olivia bring back ‘Harlem Nights’ in new cover shoot with ‘XXL’

“Love & Hip Hop”‘ cast members Joe Budden, Tahiry and Olivia paid homage to the very popular film Harlem Nights with their latest photo shoot for XXL. Men in zoot suits, ladies with feathers in their hair and long sequined gowns and flapper dresses were all the rave in the 1920s. In their photos,  these three reality stars radiate sex appeal plus retro-glam. Rapper Joe Budden has moved on and is no longer dating fellow cast mate Tahiry, but in these steamy photos we can’t tell if he has really gotten over her!  Check out all the behind-the-scenes photos after the break. Pics via instagram

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