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President Obama’s half brother to run for governor in Kenya

Another Obama man in politics soon, if it all works out, that is. Barack Obama’s half-brother, Malik (also known as Abongo or Roy), who is the son of Barack Obama Sr. has just announced that he is running for a governor’s position in Kenya’s nationwide elections on Monday.

According to the Associated Press, Malik Obama said, “I’m going into it as Malik Obama,” and that he couldn’t “run away from my name and association with my brother, but I have the feeling that people somewhat want to see who the brother of Obama is.”

At 54, and running as an independent candidate, it is his desire to become the first governor of Kenya’s western county of Siaya. Not as well funded as the major political parties in Kenya, Obama is asking for individual donations and contributions to support his campaign. The new election policies are the result of Kenya’s new 2010 constitution that created 47 new political divisions known as counties, to be headed by governors.

Malik and Barack Obama’s father was from Kenya but have different mothers. Malik and Barack were best men at each other’s weddings.