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Popular bloggers ordered to stay away from Sherée Whitfield

Three popular Atlanta-based bloggers have been ordered by the law to stay away from former Atlanta housewife Sherée Whitfield. Whitfield is sick and tired of being sick and tired. She has sought the help of the legal system to assist her in keeping three popular Atlanta bloggers off her property. She was granted temporary restraining orders on Feb. 22 and Feb. 26 against Tamara Tattle’s Tamara Brawner, Funky Dineva’s Quentin Latham and Straight from the A’s Michelle Brown.

Whitfield, 43, claims that Brawner has been “stalking,” spying on her and trespassing on her property to take unauthorized photos since 2011 to write the blog titled Chateau Sheree that chronicles the construction of Sheree’s mansion.

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  1. sweetmeat58 on March 3, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    This is just petty and catty and beneath the standards of intelligent, progressive women of color who may read many of your articles..Women have the right to adorn themselves and enhance their hair anyway they please without inconsiderate, jealous, envious women outing them for amusement, ratings, followers… Are you really that desperate for readers? Find something intelligent and of interest to contemporary Black American and women of color to enhance their lives and lifestyle. Women may have health issues or just want to have fuller hair, so what? Why is there such persistence to make it a crime we found out how to be more beautiful? There is so much self hatred in the Black community and this article is an example of that. European woman have been wearing weaves for years, decades and no one is all up in their business trying to embarrass them so why are you? As long as we all look good who cares how they achieve it? I find more Black women are too busy attacking each other with ridiculous slights, and put downs, “she ain’t all that’, telling folks private business rather than tell there own dirt, dirty laundry, or lift up and celebrate our contributions to our communities,families and the world. This new form of bullying behind a keyboard is disturbing and so east to poke at others while none of your shortcomings are revealed. Stop adding to the ugly and add something beautiful under your name. Try reporting something joyful, spirit enhancing, caring about our sisters and brothers rather than taking pot shots at folks while their backs are turned. Happy Black History Month, Sisters!

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