Rihanna disses Ciara’s new ‘Body Party’ song?

Ciara and Rihanna haven’t been chummy for years, ever since the two pop divas traded blows online over an off-color comment from Ciara. And though fans have heard little about the beef  since then, Rihanna recently stirred up rumors of a reignited feud between the frenemies when she and her cousin seemingly dissed Ciara’s new single last night.

Early yesterday, Ciara debuted her new single “Body Party” on Billboard, and to celebrate the release of the song, she released a short YouTube video of herself singing the song in her bathroom.

But it seems like fans weren’t the only ones who checked out the video. Rihanna’s semi-famous cousin, Melissa Forde, posted a photo of herself, Rihanna and a friend watching something on Rihanna’s phone as they laughed and smiled.

“#BodyParty (bathroom acapella version) #London

Though Forde didn’t directly mention Ciara, the “Body Party” singer retweeted Forde and then an hour later she posted an ambiguous tweet to an unnamed enemy.

“Don’t have time 4 the silliness. Grow Up and Do Something Positive with ya selves for once. God Bless,” wrote Ciara.

Could this be the start of another nasty feud between Ciara and Rihanna? Well, that remains unclear, but considering their fiery history and Rihanna’s unapologetic attitude about speaking her mind, whether good or bad, it’s not a stretch at all to think these two have beef again.

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Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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