Mya’s sexy weight gain

Mya looks better bigger 

In the past we’ve brought you lists of celebs whose weight gain gained them a gaggle of new admirers. On Tuesday, we noted that women like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Nicki Minaj and Kandi Burruss, all looked stellar after packing on pounds. Before that we praised women like Rihanna, Brooke Bailey and Mya for doing the same.

Mya Harrison has been on the music scene since 1998 when the world was introduced to the sultry Washington, D.C., native. Recently, people have noted that the songstress looks better than ever —thanks in large part to her more womanly curves. The singer was always attractive, but fans have really taken a liking to her fuller figure.

Below are before and after pictures of Mya and her sexy new size. –danielle canada

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