Kanye West vs. Lupe Fiasco: Who’s the biggest whiner in hip-hop?

Kanye West vs. Lupe Fiasco: Who's the biggest whiner in hip-hop?

Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco seem to be on a mission to see who can out-rant each other. The two Chicago-born emcees have been making headlines throughout the first few months of 2013 by exploding into random tirades during their performances—each more incoherent than the last.

Both rappers seem to be frustrated—their rants range from grips about corporate America to consumerism to radio. “Let me get this sh-t off my chest,” Lupe told the crowd at a WPGC 95.5 Fillmore concert in Maryland last week. “We clearly have motherf–kers talking all that, ‘Man, the streets are so f–ked up. Dudes are shooting at each other. These girls are running around here running reckless and all this other crazy sh*t.’ Then it be them same motherf–kers that go on they radio stations and play their motherf–king songs — that sh*t just irks me, I sit back and look at sh*t and be like, ‘Damn, I can’t even speak on the sh-t no more because it’s so ridiculous because we do it to our f–king self.’ You know what I’m saying? In the littlest, smallest ways. The smallest, hypocritical ways.”

He then pointed out that he’s saying it because, “I’m a brave, courageous mother—ker”

Meanwhile, Kanye’s latest spat was more abstract. “There’s no muthaf–kin’ awards or sponsorships or none of that sh*t that can stop the dedication to bringing y’all that real sh-t,” West said angrily during a show at La Zenith in Paris. “No matter how they try to control you, or the muthaf–ka next to you tries to peer pressure you, or try to get the best of you, or see what you did and take the rest of you, you can do what you muthaf–kin’ want.”

He’s also quite annoyed about MTV’s latest “Hottest MCs In the Game” list.

So, between Kanye and Lupe, who’s the biggest whiner in hip-hop right now? Let’s break it down…

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