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Jessie Jackson Jr. and political careers that ended badly

Alan West, the former Tea Party, neo-conservative congressman from (R-FL) famously rejected the Congressional Black Caucus to the cheers of his fellow Tea Party members. But, as is common with those who reject their core essence, West was reminded that, even though he didn’t want to be, he was still a Black man in ‘these here Americas’ after he wrote a scathing e-mail to then-Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz that had his calling her ‘not a lady’ the nicest thing in the e-mail. Oh, and he sent it to most members of the then-US Congress and to GOP supporters up and down the beltway. Let’s see–he offended the Jewish community, women, fellow elected officials and his overall Florida base. Re-elected? Ummmm, no.

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