Beyoncé is a hip-hop example of Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Outlier’ for black women to study

Beyoncé is a hip-hop example of Malcolm Gladwell's 'Outlier' for black women to study

Beyoncé is seen as the role model, the quintessential example of a hip-hop generation woman of iconic proportion, but are we paying attention to the details? Beyoncé is an all-inclusive example of business, blazing new trails for women who are paying attention to the trials and tribulations which are lessons of epic proportion. Who is siphoning off and critically thinking about the example for hip-hop generation’s women? Success is not always immediate. Beyoncé is a businesswoman who has had the access and preparation that is highlighted in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers The Story of Success.” In this book, Malcolm Gladwell dispels myths of what success truly is and is not for most mavericks and geniuses. It highlights even the talented are given a leg up due to circumstances of environment and commitment of others. Beyoncé’s life being showcased on HBO should be kept in context of the outliers’ principles.

Beyoncé is a hip-hop example of Malcolm Gladwell's 'Outlier' for black women to study

In forging success, Beyoncé’s style seems fast and immediate, but the contrary is true. It adheres to the principles of ten years to prepare and withstand all the ups and downs of a competitive industry to dominate its top tier. The practice of performances while a child given the sacrifice required of a parent’s own priorities doesn’t seem obvious in most conversations related to Beyoncé currently. Instead, the picture is painted as though success has been easy and no toll paid by others. This is counter intuitive for her parents obviously elected to support the development of her skill set and cultivated a shared vision for her life and talent.

Beyoncé had advantages of a two-parent household. This allows for coverage of a single day to be done by adults who understand the valuable business decisions that can protect future assets like publishing, financial planning and other important business decisions that could be lost early in the career without parental guidance.
Not perfection but advantages that having parents who understand the business, positions, and associations become paths to success due to relationships established generations prior to being needed.

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