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Black millionaire: Shonda Rhimes, the master storyteller

Prolific television writer and producer Shonda Rhimes (front ctr) with cast members from “Grey’s Anatomy” (Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh), “Private Practice” (KaDee Strickland and Taye Diggs) and “Scandal” (Kerry Washington, Katie Lowes and Tony Goldwyn). Photo Credit: The Picture Group

Rhimes discovered her talent for storytelling at an early age, and took that inherent talent into advertising and then into screenwriting.  Having gained an interest in medical settings during her time as candy striper, Rhimes would eventually pen the screenplay for “Grey’s,” which would debut as a mid-season replacement in the spring of 2005. After proving its worth, the show was made an anchor for ABC’s Thursday night line-up. Several seasons later, the show is still the pride of  ABC’s Thursday nights.

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  1. Olivia Jacob on March 30, 2013 at 7:12 am

    Congratulation to all these ladies, it feels great to know that we have such talented women in our country.