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Morris Chestnut on longevity, canoodling with Halle Berry and ‘Best Man’ sequel

Morris Chestnut is as handsome as ever walking into the designated interview room at the Four Seasons Atlanta. Casually dressed in jeans with a nice button-down topped off with a vest, he smiles often throughout the process of getting seated and prepped with a microphone. His every move screams that “life is good.”

And indeed it is. Identity Thief, the film starring Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman in which he plays Detective Reilly, opened No. 1, grossing nearly $35 million in its first week. He’s here today promoting The Call, in which he plays another cop with a perk for any man: he’s Halle Berry’s love interest.

“It was difficult. It was difficult. I mean it was going to be a deal breaker. They said they wanted me for the movie and I said ‘who’s playing that role,’ they said ‘Halle’ and I said ‘I don’t know if I can do it. I have to kiss her and stuff,’ ” he jokes.

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