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10 ways Purple Drank destroys hip-hop culture

There have been conflicting reports involving the status of Lil Wayne’s health. TMZ reported that Lil Wayne was close to death after suffering several seizures on March 15. However, YMCMB president Mack Maine dismissed TMZ’s report and claimed that Lil Wayne was not close to death. “Don’t believe the nonsense about comas and tubes to breathe. that’s false!!,” he Tweeted.

However, Lil Wayne’s health remains a concern. He has admitted to taking drugs and has binged on Purple Drank at times.  Along with Lil Wayne, dozens of rappers have promoted codeine/promethazine laced Sprite as their drug of choice.

As a result, many listeners of rap have experimented with the drug. For those who don’t have an idea of the harm Purple Drank can cause, we have compiled a list of the 10 ways Purple Drank destroys the health of hip-hop culture.

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