Violinist Ken Ford to perform at Unity Concert this Saturday in Atlanta

Violinist Ken Ford to perform at Unity Concert this Saturday in Atlanta

Ken Ford has spent the past 15 years making a name for himself while becoming one of the most influential violinists in the music industry.  The “Ken Ford Foundation” along with “How Big Is Your Dream” will be hosting the second annual “Unity Concert” March 23, at the Porter Sanford III Performing Arts Center.

The foundation strongly believes that children, who are exposed to music, typically perform higher academically, versus non-musicians.  The concert will showcase and highlight some Atlanta’s talented youth, while giving them the opportunity to perform alongside professionals in the industry.

Here you can see firsthand how Ken Ford feels about music education and the youth.  ~christian johnson

Why is music education important to you?

I started the Ken Ford Foundation in 2005, but prior to that I was going into the schools doing music workshops.   I used the type of music I play to gain and keep the attention of young people.  Through their experiences with me, kids have been given the chance to discover their own passion for playing string instruments.   I figured if I became stationary, I would have the ability to make an even bigger impact.  Having the Ken Ford Foundation allows me to have one location where kids can come and learn.

How do you connect with the youth?

I’ve learned that all most kids need or want is for you to understand and respect them and show them that you care.  They don’t want some boring lessons about the same classical stuff. I know that kids need to learn the fundamentals of music as well as techniques but I make it fun.

When did you realize that you wanted to be a musician?

That happened in the early stages of my career when I was battling with whether or not I should keep my day job or take on a career as a violinist.  I was in a position where there were no gigs on the table.  I still depended on my full time job. I had been offered an opportunity for our to be flown to the Bahamas to play.  I got the call and was asked about my rates.  I jokingly said $25,000 but was counter offered $20,000 instead.  That was my moment when I decided to fully dedicate myself to the violin.  I haven’t looked back since.

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