Nicki Minaj and other celebs with really long real hair


Nicki Minaj and other celebs with long hair 

When celebs ditch their lengthy weaves and wigs, it makes big news especially for fans curious to see their real hair. The latest to go extension-free is Nicki Minaj who took to Twitter to debut her real hair that just happens to be really long.

“#LongHairDontCare #HangTime,” the rapper captioned the above photo.

The tweet quickly created a firestorm on the social network with many of her fans praising her for the hair reveal.

“I’m still not over how beautiful your real hair is,” wrote an excited fan on Twitter.

“You’re real hair is gorgeous!”,” added another.

Minaj had pledged to wear her real tresses once they reach her behind.

While we’ve previously shown you celebs without their trusty weaves, below we’ve found stars who not only went weave free but proved that their real hair is just as long as their extensions. -danielle canada


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