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‘Temptation’ and ‘True Blood’ star Jurnee Smollett’s hottest photos

jurnee smollett movieActress Jurnee Smollett is on a Hollywood hot streak. The enchanting chanteuse has been going hard in the acting game since she was a lowercase “J”, starting in at just 6 years old in 1991 as Allison Chase on the TV short “Sunday in Paris” but is best known as a child actress for her role as Eve Batiste in the urban classic Eve’s Bayou opposite Samuel L. Jackson and Meagan Good.

She is about to star in a relationship thriller, Tyler Perry’s Temptation, opposite Lance Gross, Kim Kardashian, Robbie Jones, Vanessa Williams, Ella Joyce and Brandi. The comely thespian has just joined the cast of the television juggernaut “True Blood,” the story of a telepathic waitress who discovers a parallel world when she meets a vampire.

You can easily say that Smollett is in a good place.

Smollett is best known as an adult actress from her role on the popular television series “Friday Night Lights” as well as her enviable role as a black college student debater the Denzel Washington historic vehicle, The Great Debators, where she showed her dramatic acting range. The daughter of an African American civil rights activist and a Jewish father, Smollett has been married to musician Josiah Bell for 2-1/2 years.

Take a look at some of her hottest photos below. 

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