‘The Deal, the Dance, and the Devil’ review


Excellent conversation piece for book clubs

This book is an urban day “Indecent Proposal”.  We as humans always think and say what we will and will not do in certain situations.  However, until you’re physically placed in a situation where you must make a divine judgment call that will affect everyone in your household;   you never really know how you would handle it.  Without giving the best part of the book away for our readers, I will give you little insight on the book.  The book introduces a couple that has been together since their teenage years.  In the book-the happily married with three beautiful children are thrown some unexpected curve balls and life as they know it is completely changed.  This book is definitely a page turner and your heart will ache for this family.  I think this book is so relatable with what’s happening in today’s society, with people all over the world out of work and needing to make adjustments within their lives.

Good clean reading

This book is perfect!   The story line is so realistic, and well written.  The book captures the very essence of some issues that modern day couples are facing today.  It shows the complexity that life brings and gives hope to weathering the storm.  I love Victoria’s books, and this one is FANTASTIC!  You’re not going to want to put this one down!

Pillow talk for couples

After reading this book, you’ll feel the need to pose the “what would you do” question to your significant other.  Is money and financial stability really worth sacrificing your soul?  Can you re-establish the bond in a relationship that’s been broken so traumatically?   This was a GREAT read and made for interesting discussions!

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