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Amanda Bynes wants Drake to ‘murder’ her lady parts

Amanda Bynes & Drake

Amanda Bynes has been shocking fans left and right with her wild transformation from innocent Nickelodeon star to unabashed and outrageous Twitter star.  Now Bynes has taken her rachet behavior to new heights with a raunchy sexual request to hip-hop star Drake.

Bynes has made it no secret that she’s a huge fan of Drake’s. Last night she cemented her love for the rapper when she tweeted him that she wants him to “murder her vagina.”

“I want @Drake to murder my vagina,” Bynes tweeted.

Drake has yet to respond to Bynes, but she seemed none too pressed for an immediate answer as she subsequently tweeted that she was “twerking out.”

Well, you’ve got to hand it to a girl with the gumption to blatantly ask for what she wants. Considering that Bynes seems to have no filter when it comes to her Twitter page, we wouldn’t be surprised if she lets us know whether Drake fulfills her request or not.

If she does hookup with Drake, he wouldn’t be the first celebrity man she’s snagged. Check out some of Bynes’ other conquests below. – nicholas robinson


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