Top 10 addictive drugs


As humans, we are pretty much creatures of habit from the get-go, but introduce something that is inherently addictive, and we pretty much go all out. Because of our addictive personalities, it’s not hard for us to get hooked on a variety of things in the course of our lives; many of us get addicted to sex, overeating and even collecting pets. But the most damaging things to watch out for are the drugs that can grab hold of you from day one.

Here are the top 10 drugs that will make you an addict.

10.  Alcohol – While few consider this a drug, alcohol has all of the markings of such substances. Most of us can take an occasional drink, and pretty much be good with that, but there are a number of folks who start out drinking for the fun of it, and end up drinking out of what they feel is a need to survive.

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