Claudia Jordan slams Omarosa on ‘Wendy Williams’


Claudia Jordan slams Omarosa Stallworth

After being “fired” from Donald Trump’s “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice,” Claudia Jordan ripped into one of her cast mates on the “Wendy Williams Show.” Jordan, who previously made headlines after many incorrectly assumed she was dating Benzino, sat down with Williams to discuss her time in the boardroom with Trump.

The conversation turned frosty when the talk show host brought up Omarosa Stallworth, the resident “Celebrity Apprentice” villain, who obviously got under Jordan’s skin. “We were friends,” said Jordan about Stallworth. “I knew her outside of ‘Apprentice’ so everyone would ask me ‘Why are you friends with that girl? She’s rotten, she’s evil.’ I saw a different side of her,” she added. “… Being on the show with her I guess I got to see, that’s the real her.”


When Williams continued to prod further on her reported beef with the ex-fiancée of the late Michael Clarke Duncan, Jordan unleashed a brutal rant against Stallworth.

“The big fallout between you two happened not because of “Celebrity Apprentice” but because according to Omarosa, your behavior at Michael Clarke Duncan’s funeral,” said Williams. “According to O, she requested that nobody take pictures inside the funeral and you took pictures and you put it on Instagram.”

“You know what’s funny about that, this is my first time hearing this,” said Jordan. For her to have an issue with [me] putting up a tribute to Michael Clarke Duncan who was my friend, this woman had a red carpet at her fiancee’s funeral. I think that’s a little bit more despicable. She was doing press at the funeral, how upset were you?” asked Jordan. “And she didn’t cry so she didn’t need any makeup touch-ups.”

Jordan then went on to say that she “hated” to speak ill of another sister but added that Omarosa  told her and several other contestants that she had access to money from Michael Clarke Duncan’s charity and would use it if necessary to win a challenge on “Celebrity Apprentice.” Jordan’s allegations left audience members shocked.

Check out Claudia Jordan absolutely destroying her ex-friend, Omarosa, below.

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