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‘Love & Hip Hop’ episode 11 best moments

Tiffany Confronts Rich ABout Erica

The Ladies Confront Rich

Rich’s spy, Tiffany, meets up with him and explains that Erica thinks they’re really friends but Tiffany only has eyes for Rich. She demands that he pull her out of the triangle and get rid of Erica. Rich agrees and decides to finally let go of Erica, but it’s unlikely that Erica is the only other woman that Rich has. Later on, Rich meets with Olivia and his mom, who both tell him that he’s ruining his life and career by continuing to sleep with Erica. Rich claims that he broke up with Erica, but doesn’t see any problem with sleeping with her from time to time. However, both women think he’s being childish and Olivia demands that he drop Erica or lose her as an artist. Rich agrees to get rid of Erica, but confesses that he made the decision long before Olivia and his mom gave him their ultimatums.


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