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‘Love & Hip Hop’ episode 11 best moments

Mendeecees Says Goodbye To His Son

Mendeecees Turns Himself In

Midway through the episode, Kminbella pays a visit to Yandy, who explains that federal agents came to her home looking for Mendeecees – assumedly over his previous sexual assault charges. Yandy is terrified but Kimbella provides a shoulder for Yandy to lean on. Later on, Mendeecees decides it’s best to turn himself in and he, sadly, explains to his eldest son that he may not be around in the near future. His son doesn’t fully understand and  Mendeecees and Yandy are heartbroken as they have one final breakfast together. Yandy tells Mendeecees that she’ll wait for him no matter what.  She walks with him into the precinct as he turns himself in.

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