Wendy Williams says she predicted Porsha Stewart’s divorce


Wendy Williams gives Porsha Stewart divorce advice

After having her name splashed across headlines for her surprising divorce from her husband of two years, Porsha Stewart is being given sound advice from a talk-show maven. Wendy Williams addressed Porshaon her show Wednesday to speak on news that Kordell Stewart was divorcing his young bride turned “Real Housewife of Atlanta.”

According to Williams however, the news was far from shocking considering that she predicted it months ahead. In December, Porsha was a guest on the program and dished mainly on her feud with Kenya Moore who she deemed jealous of her picture-perfect life.

“I do think she’s envious,” said Stewart about Kenya Moore. “I do have a great life and if you have a stable life and a great foundation […] She’s envious and that’s a spirit. I pray she gets out of it.”

After allowing the housewife to vent, Williams had some choice words for the wife on her decision to do reality TV.

Porsha on the Wendy Williams show in December

“By the end of the show your marriage will be torn apart, you know how it works on reality shows,” said Williams. “You have what they think of as a picturesque life and they just screw it up by being on this show.”

Now just a day after Stewart’s divorce drama hit the net, Williams is lending her advice on how to move forward.

“Here’s the thing, I love you Porsha and I’m so team you in this. […] This man was too controlling and you my friend are too vulnerable and naive for a 31-year-old woman. You behave  like you’re 21-years-old and just got out of college and that is not practical for a woman 0f your age. Here’s my advice to you, you don’t need marriage any time soon. What you need to do is, get two years of spousal support. […] Leave the Range Rover, the furniture and that big house, all that there. That’s how you hurt a man by not wanting any of the crap.”

Williams also suggested that Stewart sign on for at least two more seasons of Real Housewives.

Porsha has yet to speak on her advice from Wendy Williams. -danielle canada

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