Shoe of the week: Giuseppe Zanotti peep-toe fringed boots


Rolling out magazine is happy to announce a premium shoe and bag will be showcased weekly that will serve as the bell of the fashionista ball and will truly be the fairest of them all for the week. Since the world of fashion and style are ever-evolving and like Heidi Klum says every commercial break, “One day you’re in, and the next day, you’re out!” That is true of “Project Runway” and of your wardrobe selections. We will do our best to scour the ‘Net far and wide. We will rob our rich friend’s closets, inquire with unassuming sugar daddys, retailers, celebrity stylists, and celebrities themselves to find out which shoe and which bag, reigns supreme. This will help to ensure that you get the maximum experience of the  full on shoegasm/bagjaculation (I made that up … yes … I did), you deserve.

Let’s be honest, shoes represent S.E.X. That good old-fashioned thing with a good old-fashioned ring, that hopefully turns into mind-blowing love that gets you that ultimate brass ring called L.O.V.E. To get to that, you have to court. Style and fashion are the epitome of the ultimate dating survival guide for true style mavens.

First impressions count. So to get one’s money’s worth, a lot of counting — counting of coins and stacks of dollar bills, may go into an extreme purchase to dress those gams and get your woman or man. We do it because we want to look good, some are true devotees to the houses and what fashion actually represents: Art. But even great art is driven by the thought of everything sexy.

In comes the shoe. My very fashion forward editor, Jana, pulled me into the office to discuss agendas and bylines and was quickly engrossed by a visual on the screen which  held her attention. A pair of  fringed, knee-high, sienna inspired boots that weren’t  boots at all … but a masterpiece.

It is part of the African Queen collection by famed shoe pimpologist and foot cupid, Giuseppe Zanotti. The description on the website describes this piece of sex as:

“Afro Wild’ inspiration for the boot in burnt brown suede: its soul finds expression in the light, fluid dance of the maxi fringe, bringing to mind the images of Veroushka by Franco Rubartelli.”
They retail for … hold for it … $ 1,695
In U.S. dollars, not M&M’s like I had hoped … *Gulp*
The finite details are as follows:
Composition:   Calf-skin leather Sueded, Inner zip closure, Leather soleHeel height:  13.0
For $1,695.00, U.S. dollars, not chocolate covered candies, I am hoping it includes a 6-foot-tall man feeding me chocolate anything. 
They are beautiful though — maybe one day, after my first raise …*hint, hint* I may put a little aside to buy these so I can walk like Beyonce and swindle meees a man.
Dear Jana,
You have great taste. I want to be like you when I grow’d up.
Your fashion editor: Tamikko Beasty
Afro Wild fringed loveliness by Giuseppe Zanotti, U.S. retail price: $1,695

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