Lord Disick and the most narcissistic reality TV stars

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A fascinating study was recently published that suggests strongly that reality TV stars are the most narcissistic celebrities in all of entertainment — while being the least talented.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the study concluded that musicians, who had the highest skill sets, were the least self-absorbed and arrogant celebrity group. On the other end of the spectrum, the reality stars, who possessed the least amount of talent of the celebrity groups, were the most self-centered and egocentric.

That point becomes relevant when you compare folks like the reality stars of today with those caught on camera a decade ago. Most recent reality stars display little or no discernible job skills, do not work, and live off their spouses; however, they have the audacity to be self important and look down on others as if the stars built their wealth themselves when they actually had little or nothing to do with it. They are just talented at displaying and spending the wealth.

There are exceptions, of course, particularly for individuals like, say, Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks, two individuals who had traveled down the rigorous road toward achieving quantifiable success on their own before agreeing to become a part of the ever-expanding reality TV phenomenon. For them, joining The Real Housewives of Atlanta was more of a business decision to expand their personal brands than to attain fame, per say.

The following are the most narcissistic reality TV stars.

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