Celebrities who were bullied as kids

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Adolescence can be a cruel and unforgiving time, particularly for those who aren’t blessed with good looks, charisma and innate fashion sense (though some are bullied because they are so good looking). A person can feel incredibly isolated because they can’t seem to fit in and are overwhelmed with fear for their safety, often taking alternative routes home to avoid getting beat up or even skipping classes and school functions altogether to stay out of the teen predator’s path.

The following celebrities, despite being among the biggest stars in the world, understand this all too well because they were also victims of childhood bullies. But instead of crumbling under their tormentors’ evil ways, these celebrities found something within themselves to overcome their bullies and to also use that experience as a driving force towards international fame, fortune and respectability.

The lesson here is: being bullied may be the most painful experience of the victim’s lives, but the fortunes of the aggressor and the victims are often reversed once they both reach adulthood, and the victims can use the horrific experience to propel themselves to greatness, much like these celebrities did.

Take a look at celebrities who were bullied as kids. You will particularly like how Academy Award-nominated actress Wynona Ryder got back at her tormentor. 

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