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Celebrities who were bullied as kids

bullies, winona-ryder-074-04Wynona Ryder — Because of her boyish looks and Salvation Army shop clothes, she was called a boy and the epitaph for homosexuality (use your imagination). The bullies pounced quickly and relentlessly. Once, her head was slammed into the lockers and she was kicked repeatedly. Fast forward to adulthood and Ryder is an international superstar as an actor. She’s in a coffee shop signing autographs and one of girls who kicked her back in middle school came to ask for an autograph. Here’s how Ryder responded:

“You remember that kid you beat up in 7th grade?” Ryder asked.

“Kind of,” answered her former bully.

“That was me. Go f— yourself,” Ryder retorted.

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  1. grammerz on June 12, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    I think you mean “epithet” not “epitaph”