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Writer DaSaint brings readers into a world that many can’t begin to imagine



Urban novelists are a dime a dozen, successful ones are not. Jimmy DaSaint is a master with the pen. DaSaint brings readers into a world that many cannot even begin to imagine. The path that led him to his craft was a long one.

As many masters of their art do, DaSaint had a troubled life. Growing up in Philadelphia he faced violence, poverty and the all too frequent story of a childhood lost. Even at a young age DaSaint showed remarkable drive. Although his teen years were peppered with arrests, he still managed to graduate from high school.

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DaSaint’s new novel, Sex Slave, is available via Amazon and don’t forget to support entrepreneurship and ask your local bookstore to stock it.

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  1. Melissa Walker on April 12, 2013 at 2:11 am

    Why did you steal my writing word for word and give me no credits? (Do not take it down, the screen shots have already been taken.) I just want an explanation and compensation. You even used my words for your headline I have yet to notify of the plagiarism but will be doing so tomorrow.