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Busta Rhymes and other celebs who went on homophobic rants

Busta Rhymes & Venom Energy Photo Shoot

Busta Rhymes recently made headlines when he and his entourage visited Miami Beach’s Cheeseburger Baby, where he threw a homophobic tantrum after staff refused to serve him first and put condiments on his burger.

According to the Huffinton Post, Stephanie Vitori, the owner of the establishment, who also happens to be gay, claims that Rhymes called some of staff “f–s” and called her a “b—h.”

Earlier in his career, Rhymes was known for being disapproving of homosexuality. Last year, when singer Frank Ocean came out, Rhymes seemed to have had a change of heart on the LGBT community, as he claimed that he supported Ocean and his music.

However, his recent homophobic outburst proves that the rapper is still ignorant to the ways in which gay slurs are offensive.

He’s not the only star who’s gone on a homophobic rant. Check out some other offensive celebrities below. – nicholas robinson


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