Twitter continues to laugh off North Korea nuclear bomb threats

Jon Stewart joins the lengthy list of people mocking Kim Jong-un and his threat against the United States

North Korea becomes a laughing matter online

Although some people are genuinely taking the threat of North Korean nuclear warfare seriously, a number of Americans are showing their confidence in the American army by laughing off the idea completely.

As previously reported Kim Jong-un is threatening to launch a nuclear attack on the U.S. and its ally South Korea. Most recently South Korean officials reported that the North has moved a missile with a “considerable” range to its east coast. That missile however, is reportedly not capable of reaching the United States.

If people are indeed worried about the so-called “prevailing grave situation” of the United States it’s become increasingly hard to tell when you look at social media. While North Korea is a worldwide trending topic, comical pictures mocking Kim Jong-un and his country are becoming increasingly popular.

Several of them show the leader bowing at the feet of the U.S. Army and others are conjured up movie posters like the one seen below.


Along with the photos, Twitter users are speaking out defiantly.

 See what some of Twitter really thinks about the threat of a nuclear attack. -danielle canada

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