‘Find Me My Man’ matchmaker Natalie Clarice helps black women find love

natalie clarice
Oxygen’s new dating series “Find Me My Man”

“Find Me My Man” matchmaker Natalie Clarice helps black women find love

Known in Miami circles as the “Titan of Love,” Natalie Clarice has been running Heart & Soul International, a successful dating agency, since 2009. With the help of her romance strategists, she assists urban professional women in overcoming dating faux pas in order to find their perfect match.

She is a mother of two and a wife of 13 years. No client is too hard for Clarice.

Read what she has to say. –yvette caslin

What are the three things to remember when looking for a mate?

First, you have to know exactly what you want. I tell my clients all the time there is no perfect person; you are looking for a person with ethics, character, integrity. You are looking for a person that has a career. He must have independence himself – you understand? If you have accomplished certain things in life like your own home or you have a job that you have been in for quite some time, it is very important that the guy you meet also has accomplished those things, as well. Women have the tendency to date men sometimes that are not accomplished. That’s very important.

How open should people be about their past relationships?

You should not be open about that in the beginning. When you meet someone for the first time, it’s not about your past. Leave the past in the past. When you first meet someone, it’s about getting to know him and you just ask questions – general light conversation such as, how long have you been at your job? You want to get a sensible idea of who this person is and where he came from, how he thinks and his type of mindset.

Is your ultimate goal for matchmaking dating or marriage?

It’s my goal to get you to understand how men think and what real men want as well as learn how to establish meaningful and healthy relationships.

How do you feel about meeting on social media and using it as a research tool?

I know that we are in the 21st century and people have all this internet stuff. I do not encourage that at all. I would not assume that this is the person you are going to encounter. If it’s a blind date, OK. But just looking someone up is totally unnecessary and you can’t judge someone based solely on social media.

Find Me My Man premieres Apr. 9 at 9/8c. Check out Talking with Tami’s post about her experience in Miami:

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