Zane: The erotica noir literary and cinematic empire

zaneDepending on your age (and how late you stay up at night) you could very well be familiar with Zane. If you’ve not seen her series of Chronicles, you might have read one of her very erotic books. Now, don’t think dirty porn-like scenarios – Zane has written and produced pieces that are very tasteful, tactful and listed at the top of the New York Times best seller list. We’re not talking about the standard “pizza delivery guy delivering more than pizza” fantasy; Zane’s writing focuses on real stories with real situations about real people.

Zane began writing under the pseudonym of ‘Zane’ because it was a name that she’d liked for some time, but then the writing and the name somehow stuck. She’s been quoted as saying that if she knew she’d become this popular, she would’ve gone a little different with the name, maybe just adding a last name. Still, many fans believe a portion of Zane’s mystique (and subsequent reader interest) is the rather sensual singular name.

A special note to those with hidden talents: Zane discovered her true passion for writing after becoming bored with the daily doldrums of life, and began employing her innate skill for writing erotic fiction. It wasn’t until then that she realized her passion – a passion that an instructor at Howard University (her alma mater) spotted early on with the creativity of her writing assignments.

Aside from her success in books and movies, Zane is also a publisher with more than 50 authors under her wings. These authors often attribute much of their success to their connection to the “Zane” name. –mark anderson

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