‘Find Me My Man’s’ Natalie Clarice gives tips on 1st dates and ultimatums

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Natalie Clarice is the CEO of the boutique matchmaking company for the urban elite, a successful agency named Heart & Soul International. Having studied education and psychology at St. Thomas University, Clarice acts as a relationship strategist who helps successful, professional women with no time and limited dating skills find lasting love. She’s determined to crack Miami’s hardest cases.

Here, she offers tips about kissing on the first date, ultimatums and how to overcome the challenges of women being the breadwinners. –yvette caslin

Is it OK to kiss on the first date?

No. It’s not okay to kiss on the first date. Now if you want to give them a light gentle kiss on the cheek OK. It’s time for it and the first date is not the time.

Is it ever okay to pose an ultimatum?

No ultimatum. It is a very big turn off. Keep your dates fun, interesting and none threatening and after the first date hopefully you will get a call and get asked out again. There are steps.

Should you date a man who makes less money than you?

You know that’s a tricky question. Believe it or not, I know people have their own ideas. It is very important that both people are able to complement one another because in any relationship you need money. If the woman is the breadwinner, she is tired of paying for everything. Couples should be together to complement one another.

Why is it harder for black women than white woman to find mate?

I feel by observing my clients in so many cases (not all cases) we just don’t know how to love our black men. There are many factors involved. Black women are too aggressive. But there are a lot of other factors.

What is your men/women ratio?

My agency is geared toward professional career women; I recruit men for my agency.

What do you look for when you look for men?

I affiliate myself with different male organizations whether it’s open to the public or private. I find my ideal men. It is very important that when I do connect my lady with a guy that there is some compatibility. I bring the two together.

When you are talking about a career woman, you are talking about a very structured lifestyle. They go to work; they come home,  some go to the gym. They are not out and about all the time. So in order for them to really meet someone, it has to come from a third party.

“Find Me Man” airs on Tuesdays on Oxygen at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT.

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