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Model Chekesha J covers ‘Black Beauty Magazine’

Chekesha J

Occupation: Model and Actress

What big names have you worked with?

SevenTeen Magazine, Essence, Maxim, Vibe, Glamour and Style

Do you think your experience with reality TV made it easier for you to branch out into movies?

My work with “Project Runway” and “Project Accessory” was one of my first TV gigs so it was very new to me but by the time I got cast to be a part of NBC’s “Escape Routes” 2012 for Ford’s campaign, being in front of the camera was natural.

How did you feel when you got the offer to cover Black Beauty Mag?

I am proud to name this my first cover! I believe every girl wants to make it on the cover of a magazine in this industry and the U.K.’s Black Beauty Magazine does a great job on how they platform women of color.

With a busy schedule what fitness and health regimen are you on?

Fitness and health have always been a part of my life. I played sports throughout college so I have always been very health conscious. My weekly regimen consists of daily workouts and disciplined diet of protein, fruits and vegetables.

What’s the next step for Chekesha J?

Right now I am working on a few campaign ads. I’m working with different beauty brands to build a stronger resume. I recently found out that I will be the new face of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, that achievement alone is so exciting to me. I grew up on the cocoa butter products so to have the opportunity to represent the brand is very surreal.

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