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Drake incited club brawl with note to Chris Brown about sex with Rihanna?


Chris Brown’s bodyguard Patrick Strickland is the latest person to file a lawsuit against Club W.i.P. for a 2012 brawl that led to several injuries. In his lawsuit, Strickland claims that the club created an unsafe environment by sitting Drake and Chris Brown in the same vicinity as the artists partied with their respective entourages.

According to Strickland, Drake started the brawl by sending a bottle to Chris Brown with the note, “I’m f—g the love of your life.” Drake was referencing his past relationship with Rihanna. The note led to words being exchanged and bottles being thrown wildly.

Strickland received a large gash on his forehead and Brown was grazed under his chin. NBA star Tony Parker, who was in attendance, had several particles of glass enter his eyes. The NBA star has also sued the nightclub.

Drake and Chris Brown continue to beef on records. Chris Brown recently dissed Drake on a few songs including Young Jeezy’s “R.I.P.” remix.

Listen to “R.I.P.” remix below: