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Derek J talks about the ‘lace front wig’ trend


Derek J is one of Atlanta’s notables when it comes to hair in the city.  He recently sat down to speak with rolling out and shared his thoughts on the lace front trend.  Check out his thoughts below. -christian.johnson

What do you think about Nicki Minaj’s hair makeover? 

I am ecstatic about Nicki’s new hair transformation; her full makeover has been excellent.  She looks like a normal girl now.  She’s a pretty girl, and is able to embrace her beauty.

Is the dark root look something women can achieve at home or should they go to a licensed professional?

You should never do any type of chemical process at home by yourself; you should always go to a professional; [however, chemical processing] is something that can be maintained at home.

Do you think women should look to Beyonce for inspiration regarding their lace front wigs?

I’m not fond of the lace front trend. Lace fronts were made for theatrical uses: it was for movies, stage plays, etc. You know us black folks just take stuff and bring it into our world and try to make it an everyday thing.  Beyonce uses [the wigs] correctly. She uses them for stage performances, doing shows, and interviews.  Now, if you’re a person that does this in your everyday life, then fine go ahead with a lace front but if you’re trying to put on a lace front to go to work, that just doesn’t make sense to me.

Let’s talk about Rihanna; she recently went back to her signature short cut.  Which look do you think best suits her?

Rihanna’s best look to me is when she has a bang, because she has a large forehead. Rihanna takes all types of hair risks … because of her confidence, she can pull off anything.  She does no wrong when it comes down to hair.

How can women protect their hair while wearing weaves?

If you’re wearing weaves a lot, then you want to make sure they’re done properly and that there isn’t a lot of tension on the hair. It’s all about preventive measures, so your hair will be healthy and it will grow.