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Inside Dr. Simone Whitmore of ‘Married To Medicine’s’ lavish Atlanta mansion


Dr. Simone Whitmore’s home

When fans tune in tonight for another episode of  Married to Medicine, they’ll see the aftermath of the poolside brawl between Mariah Huq and Toya Bush-Harris. As previously reported, things between the ladies reached a fever pitch and they came to blows in a hair-pulling, punch-throwing fiasco.

Now do doubt embarrassed by their behavior, both ladies will have to deal with criticism from their physician husbands and peers including Dr. Simone Whitmore.

One of just two actual doctors on the program, Dr. Whitmore has already made her feelings on the blow-up apparent in a BravoTV blog. “This is not the Mariah I know,” she wrote. “I had never seen Mariah raise her voice and when I saw her fighting, I was in shock. I still cannot believe an actual fight took place. Pinch me, was I in a nightmare?!” she added.

And while we wait to see if Dr. Whitmore confronts her friend over her behavior, we’ve found photos of her lavish Atlanta home. Like a number of her cast-mates, Dr. Whitmore lives in an affluent neighborhood and boasts a house with plenty of room for her husband and two children. Also included is a fully stocked bar for the OBGYN who enjoys winding down with a stiff drink.

BravoTV got first dibs on photos of her estate; check out Dr. Whitmore’s hillside digs below. -danielle canada

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