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Kerry Rhodes’ alleged male lover releases more evidence of gay relationship

Kerry Rhodes

NFL star Kerry Rhodes will likely have to admit to being involved in a gay relationship, present info on why Russell Simpson would lie, or remain silent with the hopes of it fading away. Days after Rhodes suggested that Simpson was lying about having a gay relationship, Simpson fired back by releasing more evidence.

In an interview with Baller Alert, Simpson said that Rhodes is making things worse by denying the truth. “I’m not ‘outing’ Kerry, Kerry outed himself when he was asked a question and he responded,” Simpson said. “The people who are saying I’m outing him should be happy if you’re a girl. If you run into him, now you know he likes boys so you won’t be playing yourself. I’m helping you b**** at the end of the day, if you think about it.”

Simpson went on to release a text message with Rhodes telling him, “Yes bay!! Love u back,” and “Miss u 2.” Apparently, Simpson was hired by Rhodes to be his assistant. But the photos and text messages suggest there was a deeper relationship.

Rhodes is currently an NFL free agent.

Read Simpson and Rhodes’ text message exchange below:


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