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President Obama ‘swatted’ by hackers; threaten to bomb White House

White HouseIt was just a matter of time before infamously irritating hackers who swatted countless A-list celebrities’ houses — and exposed their private financial information — would shift their focus the most powerful house in the world: the White House.

The hacker group that claims responsibility for exposing private financial information about first lady Michelle Obama and many other celebrities has issued an ultimatum to President Obama — either declare war on North Korea or they will detonate bombs at the White House, according to

The swatters are the same ones, officials say, who swatting  They contacted authorities through 911 and threatened to detonate eight ordinances around the White House perimeter if President Obama does not declare war within 24 hours.

A tweet out on the Associated Press’ twitter account saying, “Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured.”  The White House quickly discredited this as an “errant tweet.”  We’re told the hackers are claiming credit for hacking Associated Press’ Twitter page and posting the message.

Here is a list of other A-list celebs who were victims of the relentless swatters: 

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