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Hairstylist Tikeisha Floyd boosts self-esteem of customers with alopecia and cancer

tikeisha floydHair artisan and stylist Tikeisha Floyd is fascinated by hair. It’s a big deal to Tikeisha, to make women look good so they can feel good.

Offering the best in custom wigs and weave styles, Tikeisha is a visionary. Here, she shares what attracted her to the beauty industry and why working with clients with alopecia and cancer is important to her. –yvette caslin

When did you first realize you had the talent to become a hairstylist?

I was in high school and I went to the salon with my cousin to get her hair done. I watched her hairstylist custom design a weave, barrel ponytail and I went home to try it. I was so fascinated by this skill that I knew this was what I wanted to do.

Who was your first client?
My cousin, Sabrina Floyd

What are you most proud of?
Knowing that I am fulfilling my purpose by helping women with alopecia and cancer feel better by helping women get their confidence back.

What three things do you like most about your industry?
I get to transform women into whatever and whomever they want to be. In this industry, you can go as high and far as you want to go. I can be flexible.

What three things should your clients never be caught without between services?
Shampoo and conditioner, a flat iron, and Sleek Edge Control

What is a first visit like with you?
I am professional and kind of humorous at the same time. My goal is to give the client the style they want but not be so uptight while I am doing it.

What sets you apart and/or makes you different from other stylists in Atlanta?
I truly love what I do and I truly love my clients and my ultimate goal is to make every client happy and satisfied.

Who is your mentor?
Mrs. Carolyn Hurst, she owns B Fitness. She sets the standards and helps me become a better professional.

Do you think it’s important for customers to stick with one stylist or is it OK if they chair and salon hop?
Yes, I think clients should stick with one stylist. But, it’s OK to have one back up stylist.

Make an appointment with Tikeisha Floyd at Salon Scenes, 3060 Pharr Road, Suite 3021, Atlanta, Ga. 30305, (404) 788-9654.


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