Relationship red flags


There are some red flags to look for when figuring out if your relationship is meant to be:

Unless you’re just so lonely that you’ll accept whatever comes along with that new chick that you just met, you’d better keep your eyes open for these early warning signs and ask yourself, “Are we meant to be?” Remember, there’s a reason that the government has early threat detection systems – they don’t want to get caught with their pants down, and neither should you.

Don’t let puppy love (or lust) make you blind… watch for these following signs. It could save you heart-ache later:

1. A big friggin red flag – she just got out of a relationship. You and I know that a woman wants to be with someone, and if she just got out of a relationship – she’s just eager to cling to someone (for now). She’s probably hurt – even if she initiated the break-up and you’re just the guy that’s picking up the pieces… when she mends – she won’t need your construction services anymore.

2. She always spits venom at an ex-girlfriend. She could be stuck on her girlfriend’s dude. If her mind is on that guy that much – there is a reason, and it’s probably not really because of the bad stuff she’s talking about. She might still be in love with him and not with you.

3. She only wants to come over to your place. This one is as old as time; her place is either too far away, she has guest from out of town, she has a roommate or her mom is visiting (cuz she’s fighting with dad). Unh-huh… or maybe – just maybe – she has a guy there…?

4. She actually lives with her mom. If she’s just getting started with her life, and maybe fresh out of college but if she’s got some years under her belt, and still calls mom’s house home – there may be a problem. She could be poor at managing money, unemployed, afraid of independence, etc. There could be many reasons – you’ll have to decipher this one but don’t just ignore it.

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