Should former prostitute be allowed to run for mayor of Vicksburg, Mississippi?


Linda Fondren was once involved in the sex trade and now hopes to be the mayor of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Frodren recently admitted that she was a prostitute in Nevada and later co-owned a brothel with her husband, Jim Fondren.

During an interview with Mississippi News Now, Fondren revealed that she worked in a brothel and met her husband there in the early ’90s.

Fondren began prostituting after getting pregnant at 14 and losing her mother to cancer.

However, Fondren says that she turned her life around and believes her past is a good reason for her to be the leader of Vicksburg. “My story is exactly why I’m running for mayor because I want to give other people better choices than what I had,” she said. “I want people to understand you can turn your life around. I turned my life around and so it definitely can happen for others as well.”

Fondren says she hated selling her body and would not support legal prostitution if elected.

Along with running for mayor, Fondren was also honored by CNN Hero for a weight loss campaign that helped her city’s residents lose 15,000 lbs.

Although Fondren wants to be an example on how to move on from her past, it could prevent her from realizing her dream of becoming mayor.

Share your thoughts. Should voters support Fondren and give her a chance to lead Vicksburg, or does her past life as a prostitute make her an undesirable candidate?

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