Former Nappy Roots member brutally beaten in altercation with cops (photos)


Former Nappy Roots member R. Prophet was involved in a violent confrontation with the Kentucky State Police this week; and the rapper is currently facing felony charges. Prophet, born Kenneth Anthony, 35, was a passenger in a vehicle that was reportedly stopped at a DUI checkpoint in Elizabethtown. The police state that he wasn’t arrested initially; but became agitated after he was asked to stand to the side of the road as the cops dealt with the driver.

“He was not placed under arrest. He was allowed to stand over on the side while they continued the traffic checkpoint to call someone to come pick him up,” Trooper Norm Chaffins said.

The officers state that Anthony became “very aggressive and combative,” so they tased him several times, wrestled him to the ground, handcuffed him and placed him in the squad car. Once he was in the car, they pepper-sprayed and tased him again for kicking out the squad car’s back window.

Buffalo Stille of Nappy Roots spoke about Prophet and the incident with the police. The group’s publicist, Jonathan Hay, relayed what Stille said Prophet told him about the confrontation.

“I haven’t talked to R. Prophet in a really long time and it was good to speak to him today,” Stille told SOHH via a statement from Nappy Roots’ publicist Jonathan Hay. “He told me the police literally tried to kill him. It’s crazy and we really feel for him. Even though we aren’t together in the group anymore, he’s still our brother and everybody in Nappy cares for him.”

Click to see the graphic photos that have surfaced of R. Prophet’s face after the beating.

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